What is it?

MagCon reads and writes tracks, routes and waypoints from and to your Magellan GPS. It was tested on a SporTrak Pro, but should work on all SporTraks, all Meridians, the 315320 and other devices. If it doesn\’t, or if it works on another device please contact me.


You need a Magellan GPS device that can export tracks and a Palm PDA with OS>=3.0.

How to use it

  1. Please read and accept the license.
  2. Install MagCon using your favorite synctool.
  3. Start it and follow the onscreen instructions.
  4. Timeout means interbyte timeout. The higher the value the faster the communication.
  5. You can convert the downloaded track to Magellan MapSend format using the 2mag tool which is included in this package.
  6. Routes and waypoints can be converted to a GPSBabel enabled textfile using the pdb2txt tool which is included in this package.


MagCon and 2Mag are open source, licensed under the GPL.

Get it

Download the binary distribution: MagCon 0.95 (zip-file)
Download the MagCon sources: MagCon sources (zip-file)
Download the 2Mag sources: 2Mag sources (tgz-file)

Unixusers: Please download 2Mag sources (tgz-file) and compile it yourself.

If you need to convert MapSend files to another format please use GPSBabel.
If you need an Palm/Magellan connector (and you\’re living in or near germany) have a look at
More about gpx: GPX-Homepage.
Cabling instructions for the Tungsten T3/C